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"Goodbye painful veins! I remember when this required surgery and I'm so glad those days are behind us!"

- John M., Financial Advisor

Common Reasons for Sclerotherapy

  • Reduce swelling, aches, and pain in legs caused by varicose and/or spider veins

  • Cosmetic, eliminate unsightly veins in legs 

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More Information

Injections of medications into veins is known as sclerotherapy. It has been a successful method of treating both spider veins as well as varicose veins since the 1600′s. The medicines used in sclerotherapy act upon the inner lining of the vein walls to gradually cause them to seal shut and stop the flow of blood through them. It is minimally invasive and very effective if done correctly by experienced doctors. In some situations “foam sclerotherapy” can be done. Foam sclerotherapy is nearly identical to standard injection therapy except that the medications are mixed with air to give it a foamy texture as opposed to its normal liquid state. In the appropriate situation it can have superior results.


The Vein Care Center offers both foam and regular injection therapy. Patients are then instructed to bring their compression stockings with them and wear them for 48 hours after their treatment. This will help keep the veins compressed. Patients may resume normal activity immediately following the treatment, however patients should avoid vigorous activity for one week.



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