There are many types of treatments available to help patients with vein disorders. The Vein Care Center has two locations to provide a range of non-surgical treatments for our Chicago area patients.


Sclerotherapy is a safe and virtually painless in-office treatment to remove unsightly varicose and spider veins (telangectasias). A solution is injected into the vein causing it to gradually disappear over several weeks.


The ELAS procedure (Endoluminal Ablation of the Saphenous vein) is an Ultrasound guided therapy which utilizes a very thin laser fiber to close down and seal the greater saphenous vein, causing them to disappear.


Micro-phlebectomy is a minor procedure performed in the office in which tiny incisions are made over the varicose veins. The veins are then removed using special instruments.


Stripping and ligation is a classic invasive procedure performed in the hospital to tie off and surgically remove offending veins. The ELAS (laser therapy) has replaced the stripping/ligation procedure making it virtually obsolete and rarely indicated.


Venous ultrasound is performed in the office by trained technicians and is used both to determine the appropriate treatment plan and as well as aiding visualization during many of the procedures.


Support stockings are a very important part of the treatment and long term management of varicose veins and spider veins.

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